Bark Species: Fir and Pine Bark

Product Size: ½” – 2” mulch (size may vary)

Characteristics: Fibrous Shredded Mulch

Availability: Sold in bulk

Mountain West Bark Products Supreme Walk-On is an all natural product coming straight from nature. This product is a shredded fir and pine bark mulch that provides all the mulching benefits in the landscape industry to beautify road sides, homes and businesses. Supreme Walk-On is a dense and moisture retaining product that bonds together, mats down and stays in place. As the name implies, Supreme Walk-On is perfect for high traffic areas and because of its special bonding qualities it is perfect for walkways, pathways, windy areas and hillsides. With these great   characteristics of the mulch, supreme walk-on mulch has been used as a natural weed barrier and for the use of erosion control or any other professional landscaping projects.

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