Bark, Soils and Stone

Bark nuggets, mulch or landscape stone…which natural ground cover is best for my project?

Bark nuggets and mulches are organic materials. They are best used in planting areas that change seasonally and where a forest-floor look is desired. Landscape stone is a natural but inorganic material. It is best used in permanent landscape setting. Choices of ground cover are often determined by the user’s aesthetic preference. However, there are some guidelines that will help you choose the best product for the project.

Where are the best settings for bark nuggets?

Bark nuggets are best used at front entrances and focal-point landscapes. Bark nuggets are also ideal for decorative containers, baskets and barrels.

Where are the best settings for mulches?

Cedar mulch and other shredded mulches are excellent for flowerbeds, primary planting areas and hillsides. The shredded consistency will mesh together to stay in place. To help control insects, use Western Red Cedar Mulch. Cedar Mulch’s oils naturally form a barrier between your foundations and unwanted insects. Apply in pet areas to aid in controlling fleas.

Where are the best settings for landscape stone?

Lava Rock, River Rock and Pea Gravel, are all excellent long-lasting ground covers. Lava Rock offers colors not found in local stone selections and is lightweight. Smaller graded stones will be easier to spread and clean.

How many bags do I need for my area?

See the coverage chart on each package.

What about installation procedures?

Follow the simple guide of “Prepare, Place & Maintain”

How do I prepare the area?

Remove all unwanted vegetation and debris. For stone applications, we suggest first installing a weed barrier. For nugget and mulch applications, use Mountain Magic Soil Pep as a bark base to help retain moisture and control weeds. Using Soil Pep will also reduce the amount of top layer ground cover needed.

How do I place the product?

Simply open the bag and pour. Spread evenly using a rake.

What about maintenance and care?

Barks and mulches need to be lightly raked once a month to maintain a fresh appearance. To refresh the area, remove the top layer of ground cover. Replace with a new layer of soil pep (if needed) and ground cover.

What other uses are there for these materials?

Shredded mulches are also great for path and play areas. Soil Pep can be a used alone as a terrific flowerbed mulch, an amendment for homemade potting mixes, and is an excellent replacement for sphagnum peat moss. Landscape stone can be used to highlight areas within a bark or mulch setting and is a must for any water garden project. It can also be used in the bottom of containers to aid in drainage.

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