Glacier Gold Potting Soil

Glacier Gold Potting Soil

Bark Species: Blend of mineral soil, sphagnum peat moss and perlite.

Product Size: 0" - 3/8”

Availability: Sold in bulk and bags

Mountain West Bark Products is proud to offer Glacier Gold Potting Soil. This value priced potting soil combines the benefits of Glacier Gold Compost with added materials to provide a quality soil product. Our compost is blended with mineral soil, sphagnum peat moss and perlite to form this soil. No mixing or blending is needed at home as we have done it for you and is ready to use right out of the bag. While no commercial fertilizer is added, the user will see benefits coming from the micro and macro nutrients in the compost base. Proving the versatility of Glacier Gold Potting Soil, positive results have been reported with shrubs, berries, potted plants, bulbs and more. All of the Glacier Gold products are available in bulk or 1.5 cubic foot attractive bags/50 per pallet and are proudly “Made in Montana”

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