Glacier Gold Compost

Glacier Gold Compost

Bark Species: Man made humus that combines nitrogen and carbon rich wastes.

Product Size: 0" - 3/8”

Availability: Sold in bulk and bags

Mountain West Bark Products is proud to offer Glacier Gold Compost. This high end compost is man made humus that combines nitrogen and carbon rich wastes and turns them into a rich, natural soil amendment. Manufactured indoors under controlled conditions, this compost offers the full complement of micro and macro nutrients with very low sodium content. Blended with your soil on site, Glacier Gold Compost will not only add nutrients but increase tilth and aid in retaining moisture. Extremely versatile and time proven, results will be positive with flower beds, trees, shrubs and is safe to use in vegetable gardens, All of the Glacier Gold products are available in bulk or 1.5 cubic foot attractive bags/50 per pallet and are proudly “Made in Montana”.

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